Introduction to Physics- Mechanics

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This course has been designed by professors Genaro Zavala and Carlos Hinojosa

  • To know the laws of physics that enables us to describe the motion of particles and rigid solids in real situations.
  • To identify real situations where the classical mechanics concepts learned in class can be applied.
  • To apply the mathematical tools of Vectors and Differential and Integral Calculus in problems of classical mechanics.
  • To build physics concepts through class collaborative discussion and reflection.
  • To be aware of the need of a good reading prior to attending class to achieve a better understanding and in this way have an active participation in the classroom.
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  • 14 temas
  • 101 actividades
  • 101 recursos educativos
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semestral: agosto
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  • Three exams, equivalent to 50% of the final score
  • Homework, research (recommended: 12 to 20 during the semester) equivalent to 20% of the final score
  • Final exam, equivalent to 30% of the final score

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Engineering and/or Physics

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At least one year on teaching Physics for undergraduate students or higher educational level.


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