“Serious resources with academic validity which have been revised and catalogued by experts in the subject.”

Jose Luis Figueroa majored in Computer Systems Engineering, holds a Master’s degree in Operation Research and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, all three programs from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

He is a consultant, a Professor Emeritus of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey Campus, the Director of Linking Projects, and the Dean of the Master’s in E-Commerce Program of the Virtual University.

Professor Figueroa has wide experience in information systems, business planning, organizing and management. He has served in important organizations and his work has focused on company strategies and the efficient use of information technologies.

Professor Figueroa’s management responsibility has given him the opportunity to participate in university extension as well as in consulting projects with over 30 companies nationwide. He is also a distinguished speaker in reunions with managers and company advisers nationally and internationally.

Professor Figueroa is a precursor of the use of the tool in his courses. He says that as the Dean of the Master’s in E-Commerce, the fact that the Tecnológico de Monterrey has had the initiative to create a catalogued index, filtered and classified the open educational resources has been a great educational contribution. “We are at the beginning; I think there is a lot more ahead of us and we must keep on going.”

Three benefits of the use of

According to Professor Figueroa’s experience, one of the great benefits the catalogue provides is that as a professor, when you are discussing a topic, you can contrast your opinion, the opinion of the textbook author and the one the students discover, with the opinion of experts worldwide.

Other benefits are that the professor learns while using the tool since it allows to look for relevant material for his courses; likewise, the professor formalizes with the student the access to resources for the student’s search to focus on specialized sites. There are many resources on other web sites that are worthless. “This is a worldwide effort that Tecnologico de Monterrey is making for the community; but the Tecnológico de Monterrey student is also benefitting of it and can consult it” stated Professor Figueroa.

More university professors are using

According to Professor Figueroa, the potential of is that it is a milestone in education. It is something that was commonly and clearly said about Internet. It had a lot of information. Today over 1, 500 million users worldwide have access to Internet, which is close to 22% of the world’s population. Back then, it was said that not all the information on Internet was true; for such reason, OpenCourseWare and Tecnológico de Monterrey, using , provide such a big catalogue of educational resources that guarantee to the person checking and consulting this resource that the information is true, is serious and has academic validity since it has been revised and catalogued by experts in the subject.

Professor Figueroa has clear expectations in regards to the use of . He says, “It will keep growing. More professors and universities will join. More professors at universities will use and so will students.”

A professor’s way to grow

Professor Figueroa knows the importance of a teacher using this kind of tool since it is a way to grow in his professorship. Besides, it enriches the resources in notable and relevant ways. In contrast, he points out, “There are still professors who use overhead projectors and do not use the educational electronic platform such as Blackboard. They only use the average blackboard and nothing else.”

“Definitely, I would tell the professor, if you do not catch up, there will be another professor unafraid of these resources, whatever the resources are, and you will be replaced. The worst part of this is that your students know what you do not want to do or do not know how to do.”

Professor Figueroa concluded saying, “Today, professors have lots of available resources. Just raise your hand and start using them.”