“A great legacy of specialized resources that allows obtain valuable and pertinent information for our educational work”

Professor Pedro Nájera García teaches in the High School Academic Division of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Cuernavaca Campus, in the areas of Computer Sciences and Mathematics. He served as the dean of the undergraduate programs of Electronics (ISE, IEC, ITE) and Mechatronics (IMT) at the Cuernavaca Campus.

Before coming to the Campus, he served as a Senior Engineer of Tests in Telefunken Microlectronics GmbH in the area of automotive electronics.

At present he is a tenure teacher of Advanced Mathematics in the International Baccalaureate. He is responsible for the Science and Information Systems Department. He collaborated in the Undergraduate and Graduate Division in the programs of Computer Sciences, Electronics and Mechatronics and in the courses of Analogical and Digital Electronics.

, an excellent legacy of specialized resources

The use that Professor Nájera gives to in his classes is to make multiple and varied resources available to students. They include topics that are pertinent to those of the courses he teaches. “It is interesting to find in only one source a surfeit of valuable materials that have been used successfully by other colleagues in the area,” he said.

The quantitative evaluation of resources has allowed to have an initial appraisal; their formal gathering and the evaluation of the available resources pay off in well-invested time in the search of class material. One of the great benefits the catalogue has, according to Professor Nájera, is that the resources have been suggested by colleagues and experts in the field, many of whom have used this educational material in several courses.

The diversity of resources allows the use of this tool in courses as diverse as Computer Science Organization, Design of Digital Systems, Electronic Design II, Microprocessors II (all in the undergraduate programs), and Mathematics II, Mathematics III, Advanced Mathematics I ( all in high school). Professor Nájera comments, “I have found that is an excellent legacy of specialized resources and it allows us to get valuable and pertinent information for our educational work.”

An important contribution for educational leadership

The most important work done by Professor Nájera is the promotion of academic programs and of the institutional awards this academic strength has brought along. For such reason, is an important tool with which Tecnológico de Monterrey contributes to have a more global society. Professor Nájera said, “Having the digital library stood for an important contribution to the educational leadership of our Institution; definitely stands for the state-of-the-art in this same line.”

The catalogue is a formal tool that allows having varied resources of the same topic. It can be accessed easily and intuitively and it gives some resources for the appropriate selection of resources.

“I am proud of having these educational and research tools that are world class, and that, together with the natural relevance a resource like this represents to the academic community, it was an engagement proposed and acquired in an important World Forum in Switzerland,” said Professor Nájera.

Foster and encourage the use of temoa among faculty

The purpose of continuing relating activities of different courses with the resources in to update and enrich the contents is of great importance to show the experience of the advantages of incorporating them and to keep on working on more didactic aids.

In regards to this, Professor Nájera said he was in favor of making a permanent campaign to foster and encourage the use of among teacher colleagues, “I am planning to do it with the professors of my own Department, with those of the Academic Division to which I belong and, in general, with all of the teachers on our Campus.”

“My invitation would be, browse it to know the tool, appraise its valuable resources by using them in your courses, find other resources that could be part of the same tool, and become a part of the community!”