“An ideal educational tool for the academic work of the current time to match the innovation needs of the 21st century”

Dr. Chandra Bhushan Choubey majored cum laude in Humanistic Studies and holds a Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies, both from New Delhi’s Jawahar Lal Nehru University. He also studied European History, Indian History and Political Science in the same institution. He holds a Ph.D. in Mexican Literature from Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM).

He was a visiting researcher at the doctoral level for the Center for Linguistic and Literary Studies and for the Center for Asian and African Studies of Colegio de México, in Mexico, D.F. He has been in the boards of advisors for master’s and doctoral degrees candidates at UNAM and at the National School of Anthropology and History.

His research articles have been published in books, journals and newspapers in India, Mexico and Brazil. Likewise, he has given several conferences and has participated in national and international symposia and conferences.

At present, he is the Dean of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Santa Fe Campus, and a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI).

Practical resources, the product of rigorous academic research

According to Dr. Bhushan’s educational experience, the use of has been relevant since it allows sharing valuable resources. “Just by using constantly these resources in class, we can understand their importance and value,” he said.

The resources found in the tool are updated and practical. They are product of rigorous research and are friendly to use. They are resources for the 21st century generation. Dr. Bhushan comments, “ is an educational tool that meets the innovation needs of the present century.”

An ideal tool for the students’ academic assignments

The students who use see it as a favorable tool since they find valuable and interactive resources that help them learn in an important way. Dr. Bhushan says, “The catalogue can be the ideal tool for all the academic assignments of current times.”

On account of the nature of the tool, different opportunity areas can be detected. “I believe the resources should be used more often. I would like to find more resources and activities in the field of literature; we have not reached the most appropriate use yet,” said Dr. Bhushan.

The only way to know if is worthwhile is by using it.

The catalogue inspires trust, responsibility, discipline and knowledge because its main characteristics are innovation in material and updated resources For this reason, Dr. Bhushan knows the importance that more professors use this tool and see by themselves the benefits they can get from it.

“I would only ask you to use and that’s it. It is the only way to know if it is worthwhile or not. Dr. Bhushan concludes, “After incorporating the resources, you will become aware that they are very worthwhile. I can assure that by constantly using this resource, we get to know how valuable this educational tool is.”